Taste and feel the gift of nature

Nachikatsuura Town.

Walk the ancient path and feel the journey through time

Nachikatsuura Town.

Heal your soul by awakening your senses

Nachikatsuura Town.

Let your heart travel, your soul be free.

Nachikatsuura Town.

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Make a pilgrimage to Kumano and indulge in raw tuna

The blue glow of the azure sea, the variety of tuna lined up in the vibrant early-morning harbor, the stone-paved road that reminds us of the times past and the famous hot springs surrounded by the splendors of nature in which visitors can heal physically and mentally.
Experience the Kumano pilgrimage with almost 1000 years’ history and enjoy the fresh and chewy raw tuna at the port town’s eateries. Take this special opportunity to discover Kumano’s culture and nature in one of the Nanki area’s most scenic spots.

About Nachi Katsuura

World Heritage・Kumano Kodo

A trip into the sacred land
of Mt. Nachi Walking the Kumano Kodo
world heritage site

The waterfall is famous for having the largest vertical drop in Japan. Located deep in Mt. Nachi along with Kumano-Nachi Taisha shrine and Seigantoji temple, the waterfall is one of the sacred places of the Kumano pilgrimage pursued by pilgrims for more than 1000 years. Amid the breathtaking nature of Kumano, the stone-paved road hints at the passage of time and people. Enjoy an exquisite walk along the world heritage Kumano Kodo path, taking in with each step the history that has paved the way.

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The hot springs of Kumano surrounded by nature
A generous moment of relaxation

From famous hot springs with spectacular views over the sea to discreet, hidden gems deep in the mountains, the many wonderful natural hot springs of Nachi-Katsuura have been healing the mind and body of travelers since ancient times. As your body relaxes from its core in the bath, discover a different side to Nachi-Katsuura.

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Kumano’s food where the pure quality
of the ingredients shine through
Discover a food culture
your body will rejoice over

Having prospered as a natural port, Nachi-Katsuura boasts the largest landing volume in Japan for raw tuna. A genuine gem, people visit from all over the country to taste the tuna. The locals too assemble at local eateries to enjoy a variety of raw tuna dishes. Treasure this moment and enjoy Nachi-Katsuura with your entire being.

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Accomodation where Nachi-Katsuura mingles together


Experience Nachi-Katsuura/Memories that will live with you


Pick a souvenir shop, unique to Nachi-Katsuura

recommended route for enjoy your trip

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