[AREA] Katsuura

The experienceof Heian period costumes

Towards the end of the Heian period (794-1185) when the Kumano faith was at its peak, the approach to Kumano was so popular the pilgrims formed a long line resembling an army of ants. It is said that the Kumano Kodo was decorated by the elegant Heian period costumes worn by the line of pilgrims. On this experience tour, you will change into a historically accurate Heian period costume at the Daimonzaka tea house (chaya) and stroll around Kumano Kodo much like the pilgrims of the time. A unique experience, the kind you can only enjoy when traveling. Visit the sacred Mt. Nachi dressed just like the pilgrims of old and enjoy a profound moment of reflection.


Spot information

Experience Time
9am~4pm (Last Admission 3pm)
*Registration required for a group of more than 7 people

2 hours: 3,000 yen (tax included)
2~3 hours: 4,500 yen (tax included)

Additional 500 yen per 20 minutes of add-on
*Registration required (due to COVID-19)

Contact Us
Tourist Information Center TEL 0735-52-5311

Daimonzaka Chaya
392 Nachisan, Nachikatsuura Cho, Higashimuro Gun, Wakayama

[AREA] Katsuura

The Kino-Matsushima Boat Tour

The charms of Katsuura aren’t limited to Mt. Nachi and the Kumano forest. Aboard the tour boat, the pleasing sea breeze will let you enjoy a leisurely moment. The port of Katsuura benefits from a ria coast and has long protected the fishing and livelihoods of the locals. When you look over the coastline from aboard the boat, the quays and islands that have been carved out by the power of nature reveal their unique beauties. The Kino-Matsushima Boat Tour will take you on a leisurely tour of Katsuura’s calm inner bay. A special tour departing at 15:20 will show you the spectacle of dolphins being trained and is great for families. Come and appreciate the most scenic spots of Nanki from the sea.


Spot information

Course A
55 minutes per one circumnavigation. On the way, the cruise ship will drop into Taiji Kujirahama Park. You can get off the ship there and visit facilities. On the way back, you can board a ship by checking the ship schedule.
(*Admission fees of the facilities are not included in the ship fare)
Short Course
30 minutes per one circumnavigation. (one ship a day)
The courses are subject to change in stormy wheather.
For the ship schedule, fare, and service status, please see the Kino Matsushima Cruise website.

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The Kino-Matsushima Boat Tour Ticket Counter
442-20 Katsuura, Nachikatsuura Cho, Higashimuro Gun, Wakayama

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