[AREA] Katsuura


Outdoor bath/Amenities available/Accommodation Facility

The Takiminoyu hotspring overlooks Nachi Waterfall. The extraordinary sensation of freedom brought to this open-air garden bath by the sea breeze of Kumano will arouse your wanderlust. The indoor bath is one of the largest cypress baths in western Japan. Enjoy a moment of exquisite relaxation as your body is soothed by the scent of wood.

Spring Type:
simple sulfur spring (Weak alkaline hypotonic low temperature spring)
Beneficial for:
neuralgia/muscular pain/joint pain/stiff shoulders/motor paralysis/stiff joints/bruise/sprains/chronic gastrointestinal illness/hemorrhoids/sensitivity to cold/exhaustion recovery period/exhaustion recovery/health promotion/chronic gynecological illness/cuts

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Store information

216-19 Katsuura, Nachikatsuura Cho, Higashimuro Gun, Wakayama
15-minute walk from Kii-Katsuura Station (Kisei Main Line)
TEL: 0735-52-0333
Reception Hours: 4pm~9pm
Bathing Fee (Consumption Tax excluded): Adult: 1,000 yen / Child: 500 yen
Towel Fee (Consumption Tax excluded): Face Towel: 200 yen / Bath Towel: 300 yen
Parking Lot: 15 buses, 60 cars (Free)

[AREA] Ugui

Kyuukamura Nankikatsuura

Accommodation Facility/Outdoor bath/Amenities available

The sea stretching as far as you can see, the views from this open-air bath in the mountains will free your body and mind. At night, the moonlight reflecting off the surface of the sea illuminates a magnificent view. The dazzling morning sun that graces the morning bath is a worthy sight reserved to overnight guests.

Spring Type:
Sodium Chloride Spring
Beneficial for:
burn/muscular pain/neuralgia/exhaustion recovery/skin disease/gynecological illness/sensitivity to cold

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Store information

719 Ugui, Nachikatsuura Cho, Higashimuro Gun, Wakayama
2.5 km from Ugui Port near JR Ukui Station, following guide signs
TEL: 0735-54-0126
Opening Hours: 11am~7:30pm (3pm~ on Thursdays)
Bathing Fee: Adult (ages 13 and over): 1000 yen, Between ages 4~12: 500 yen
Parking Lot: 50 cars (free)
*The opening hours might be shortened depending on the season. Also, admissions might be restricted depending on the situation. Please contact us for more information.
*For those who use means of transport other than car / free shuttle bus runs from Kii-Katsuura Station or Ukui Station to the hotel

[AREA] Katsuura


Morning bath/Amenities available

The Yurinoyama Onsen is a favorite among hot spring connoisseurs. Treat yourself to a long soak in the lukewarm water flowing abundantly from the source, your skin and mind will thank you for it. After your bath, you can enjoy exploring the Yukashigata lagoon that was loved by the literary master Haruo Sato (1892-1964).

Spring Type:
Hydrogen Sulfide Spring
Beneficial for:
rheumatoid arthritis/skin disease/eye disease

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Store information

8 Nikou, Nachikatsuura Cho, Higashimuro Gun, Wakayama
10-minute walk from Yukawa Station (Kisei Main Line)
TEL: 0735-52-5106
Opening Hours: 9am~10pm
Bathing Fee: Adult 300 yen, Child 200 yen (ages between 0~12)
Regular Holiday: Tuesdays (if it is a public holiday on Tuesday, it will be open)
Parking Lot: around 20 cars (free)

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