[AREA] Nachisan

Wakaya Honten

Wakaya Honten is a souvenir shop in Mt. Nachi, one of the three Kumano mountains. Within the modern black and white interior, you will find about 200 local souvenirs ranging from Japanese and Western sweets to food simmered in soy sauce (tsukudani), pickled plums (umeboshi), and sake.
One of the most popular items is the Otaki Mochi. This chewy rice cake, which resembles the beautiful Nachi Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Japan, is soft, easy to eat, and holds the elegant sweetness of red beans from Hokkaido, making it a favorite among customers including children and the elderly. Savoring the freshly baked Otaki Mochi with a cup of tea in the restaurant's relaxed atmosphere is a moment that will soothe your travel fatigue. When you eat it at home, you can heat it up lightly to enjoy the soft texture.
Other products include "Meisui Kuzumochi" made with the famous Wakayama water; Tonda No Mizu and kuzu (arrowroot) from Yoshino; "Kishu Temari Mochi" with a motif of the folk craft Temari; and "Nachi Kuro," a brown sugar candy in the shape of a Go stone (from the board game Go). We hope you will enjoy choosing a souvenir while imagining how happy the recipient will be.

Japanese sweets/gifts/local specialty

Store information

456 Nachiyama, Nachikatsuura Cho, Higashimuro Gun, Wakayama

TEL: 0735-55-0720
Opening Hours:
Souvenir Shop 8am〜5pm
Cafe Area 8am〜4pm
Regular Holiday: No regular holidays
Parking Lot: 50 cars / 13 large buses

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[AREA] Katsuura

Katsuura Fishing Port Nigiwai Market

The Katsuura Fishing Port Nigiwai Market sells fresh tuna landed in Nachikatsuura Town and many other local specialties. Located next to the fishing port, the Nigiwai Market is a true "tuna entertainment facility," selling not only fresh raw tuna but also rare parts of tuna, tuna merchandise, and even has a tuna cutting show. In addition to the shopping area, there are ten food and beverage booths where you can enjoy local cuisine on the spot. If you go out to the terrace, you can view the harbor scenery where boats come and go from the fishing port in front of you. You can fully enjoy your trip to Nachikatsuura Town, feeling the slow flow of time.
The raw tuna, which is never frozen after it is caught, is a gem with a chewy texture and the rich flavor of red meat fish. It is also available to be shipped. The fresh tuna is transported refrigerated to prevent damage to the flesh and can be enjoyed as sashimi for two to three days from the day of delivery and afterwards as teriyaki. There are also many other products unique to Nachi-Katsuura, such as hand towels and key chains with cute tuna designs that will make you smile. In addition to tuna, you will find fresh local produce and seafood, vinegar made with underground water from Nachi Waterfall, and soy sauce from a long-established soy sauce producer loved by the people of the port town. Enjoy your trip with all five senses and take home the best memories.

marine products/gifts/sundries/local sake/seasonings/local specialty/online

Store information

7-12 Tsukiji, Nachikatsuura Cho, Higashimuro Gun, Wakayama

TEL: 0735-29-3500
Opening Hours: 8am〜4pm (Food and beverage booths: L.O. 3:30pm)
Regular Holiday: Tuesdays
Parking Lot: (paid) 24 cars / 1 car for persons with disabilities
※Nachikatsuura Town Hall parking lot (free) is also available on holidays.

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[AREA] Katsuura

Nakanishi Shoten

Nakanishi Shoten is a store specializing in Kishu mandarins and plums. The Nakanishi Shoten is part of a fruit and vegetable store that has been in operation for generations (over 100 years) in a shopping district close to Kii-Katsuura Station. In the winter season, the store is filled with about 20 varieties of mandarins. The owner, who has a keen eye cultivated through years of experience and connections with reliable producers, carefully selects the best quality mandarins. He purchases the best-tasting mandarins of the season not only from Wakayama but also from other parts of Japan throughout the year, as their sweetness, acidity, texture, and aroma are determined not only by the variety but also by the producer. If you would like to purchase or ship more than a certain amount of mandarins, you can taste the mandarins on the spot to choose them as a souvenir for your loved ones. The pickled plums are a traditional product made with only plums, salt, and shiso, with no extra ingredients. Because of the recipe's simplicity, you will taste the pure ingredients, the salt, and the depth and mildness of the flavor that changes over years of pickling. A glimpse into the new world of mandarins and pickled plums through a pleasant conversation with the owner will be a precious memory.
The fruit and vegetable store on the shopping street side offers a seasonal selection of Kishu's bounty, including Nachikatsuura Town's specialties such as Kuroshio strawberries (Marihime) with their exceptionally large fruits, rich sweetness, and gentle aroma; Arakawa peaches, a premium variety of peaches, and homemade sherbet made from the Satsuma mandarin (Unshu mikan) and Sumo mandarin (dekopon). We hope you will enjoy the variety of juicy fruits grown in our warm climate.

agricultural products/seasonal products/local specialty

Store information

4-3-6 Tsukiji, Nachikatsuura Cho, Higashimuro Gun, Wakayama

TEL: 0735-52-0206
Opening Hours: 8:30am〜7pm
Regular Holiday: Year End through New Year holidays

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