Sightseeing taxi

Recommended routes from Katsuura Station.
Since fare and time are rough indications, please contact each taxi company for more information.

No Sightseeing course Medium-sized
Jumbo Time required
1 Katsuura〜Nachi no Taki〜Katsuura Station 8,000yen 11,000yen 1hour
2 Katsuura〜Nachisan (Daimon-zaka Slope)〜Katsuura Station
(Nachi no Taki・Kumano Nachi Taisha・Seigantoji Temple)
10,000yen 14,000yen 2hours
3 Katsuura〜Nachisan〜Miharashi Dai〜Katsuura Station 13,500yen 19,500yen 2.5hours
4 Katsuura〜Nachisan〜Miharashi Dai〜Myohoji Amidaji〜Katsuura Station 16,900yen 23,600yen 3hours
5 Katsuura〜Kumano Sanzan Meguri (Tour)〜Shingu Station 37,000yen 48,000yen 5.5hours
6 Katsuura〜Shiko〜Shingu Station
(Shiko: Dorokyo Jet Ship Boarding Point)
23,300yen 32,600yen 3.5hours
7 Katsuura〜Taiji Kujirahama Park〜Katsuura Station 8,500yen 12,000yen 1hour and 40 minutes
8 Katsuura〜Nachisan〜Taiji Kujirahama Park〜Katsuura Station 17,300yen 24,200yen 3hours
9 Katsuura〜Taiji Kujirahama Park〜Hashiguiiwa〜Shionomisaki
〜Kaichu (Marine) Park〜Kusimoto Station
(Shionomisaki: south most part of the main island)
28,300yen 39,600yen 4.5hours
10 Katsuura〜Nachisan〜Taiji Kujirahama Park〜Hashiguiiwa〜Shionomisaki
〜Kaichu (Marine) Park〜Kushimoto Station
37,600yen 52,600yen 5.5hours
11 Katsuura〜Nachisan〜Taiji Kujirahama Park〜Hashiguiiwaz
〜Shionomisakiz〜Kaichu (Marine) Park〜Shirahama
45,000yen 59,000yen 7.5hours

Please contact us if you would like courses other than the above.
Fares above do not include tolls or parking lot fee.
Jumbo car can accommodate up to 9 people.

Sightseeing Taxi from the Station

From JR Kii-Katsuura Station by taxi,
you can tour around Nachisan.
Here is the detail.

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